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Cookie Mookie is an adventurous song with an undeniable lyrical flow! Accompanied by Y1, this song has a backdrop of impressive production that leaves the listeners wanting more!

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T.B.P Official Artwork.jpg
Slow Down Artwork.jpg

Throughout the new single, Ari glides through a rich blend of soul, pop, hip-hop, jazz, and indie-rock, to deliver something uniquely his own. With lush instrumental arrangements and sultry vocal hooks, T.B.P is oozing with pure musical charm.

Slow Down is Ari's latest single, blending old school with a touch of new school Hip-Hop, this track is full of ear candy. Follow Ari for his latest.

C.I.A speaks on the truths of heart break. The duality of love and loss. With an adventurous backdrop of guitars and hard hitting drums - Y1 delivers a powerful performance

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